John Stamos Posts Heartbreaking Tribute After His Dog Dies, Shares Sweet Photo On Instagram

by Jillian Gorry
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It’s one of the most difficult things to endure when your beloved pet passes on. This is something all of us have — or will — experience, even celebrities who may seem to have it all on the surface.

As of yesterday, actor John Stamos posted an utterly beautiful, succinct message on his Instagram following the death of his beloved dog Linka.

Many of us grew up watching Stamos play Jesse Katsopolis on the hit television show Full House, which has recently seen a reprisal in the new Fuller House sequel.

He graced our living room screens with an unforgettable debonair smile and easygoing attitude, not to mention with killer vocal skills. And he’s very devoted to his fans, who he has no qualms about meeting up with (if he gets to lovingly prank them, that is).

But it turns out, he’s very much a dog person — and I think we can all relate.

As I scrolled through Stamos’ Instagram and picture after picture featuring his beloved Linka, I was instantly brought back to the time my own family dog passed.

It was the first loss I’d ever experienced, and it utterly shattered me.

Here are just a few of the images I found, and all of them exemplify the love and dedication Stamos and Linka had for each other, which will forever live in our memories.

“[Please] tell me you’re a dog person,” Stamos tweeted back in November of 2015 alongside this picture of Linka, who looks quite comfortable lounging by the pool. “If you’re a cat person, then we can’t [be] friends.”

If that isn’t the most relatable thing for all the dog owners out there (myself included — no offense, cat people!), then I don’t know what is.

“Early morning swim with the pooch,” Stamos posted on Instagram. This has become an iconic picture of the two best friends, having been wildly shared across social media since Linka passed.

It seems as though they enjoyed swimming together regularly, which is bittersweet to think about now. While Linka will absolutely be missed, I’m very happy to see how much time Stamos clearly allotted in his busy schedule to hanging out with her.

“Um… sorry?” Stamos posted this hilarious photo on Instagram of Linka ambling over to sniff at her human friend. Not only does it prove the two were close, but that they also took time out during the day to be silly together.

Does Linka know how famous she was? Probably not. But it doesn’t seem to matter because she was clearly, unequivocally happy — and that’s all that matters in life.

And here’s the image that made me tear up. Stamos wrote nothing but “#Home” as the caption for this photo, which can take on several different meanings. They might have been physically at their home, the activity might have also inspired a sense of belonging, but the most likely reason is the obvious one: Linka was Stamos’ home.

OK, I seriously need to grab more tissues.

Finally, Stamos’ eulogy and tribute to Linka, which was posted on Instagram yesterday:

“She was always there, especially in the dark times. Never judging. By my side. Only loyal. #rip Linka.”

I wasn’t able to read that without immediately getting emotional. Did this make you think of your own pets, past or present? I’d really love to read your stories about them if you feel inclined to share.

Honestly, though, who wouldn’t love John Stamos? There’s a touching throwback video of him being embraced by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen back in their Full House days. I think we can all relate, and I sincerely hope he’s getting plenty of hugs from loved ones right now.

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