John Legend Reveals He’s Finally Learning How To Swim And His Fans’ Reactions Are Priceless

by Angela Andaloro

John Legend may be an EGOT winner, but there are a few skills he hasn’t mastered. The father of two recently revealed that he doesn’t know how to swim.

And at the age of 40, he’s decided to change that. John recently took to Twitter to reveal that he was taking swimming lessons.

The internet couldn’t be prouder of John. Twitter followers had a few questions about why John never learned before, but ultimately showered him in support.

John’s wife, Chrissy Teigen, is doing her part to keep him accountable. A few days after John let fans in on the state of his swimming, Chrissy posted a video of him during a swimming lesson, expressing pride in her husband for learning.

Swimming is an important skill to have, more so than many people realize. The Red Cross reports that, on average, 10 people die in the United States from accidental drowning every day. While it’ll be nice for John to be able to do laps around his pool, it’s also a crucial skill for keeping himself and his children safe.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are a pretty big deal on social media. The couple is known for being equal parts glam and real, and everyone appreciates the heck out of them for it.

John recently opened up about a little-known fact about himself. He tweeted out to fans that he was learning how to swim.

When asked if his kids were getting in on the fun, John let everyone know they actually beat him to it! Luna and Miles started swimming lessons recently as well.

Luna and Miles are really on top of their skills! They’re also starting to learn the basics of piano (to follow in their daddy’s footsteps) and it’s so sweet.

Of course, John’s admission came with some questions and comments from fans. One fan quoted a lyric from John’s hit “All Of Me” where John sings “My head’s underwater/But I’m breathing fine.” John took the callout like a good sport and revealed that he actually couldn’t do that at the time he wrote the song.

Plenty of qualified people stepped up and offered John swimming lessons. Of course, Chrissy had to jump in and make sure no one forgets about helping her out too!

It was surprising for some to hear that Chrissy isn’t super confident in her swimming either, since she was a swimsuit model for a large part of her early career.

Chrissy even captured some footage of John during a recent swimming lesson and shared the video with the world. It looks like he’s making some awesome progress.

Fans are happy to cheer John on as he tackles this new skill. He’s also inspired many to learn to swim after putting it off for some time.

We have a feeling that days in the pool are about to get a lot more fun for the family of four. Swimming is an important skill to have.

There are five essential swimming skills that are important to master to be safe in the water. The Red Cross recommends you know how to: “Step or jump into the water over your head; return to the surface and float or tread water for one minute; turn around in a full circle and find an exit; swim 25 yards to the exit; and exit from the water. If in a pool, you must be able to exit without using the ladder.”

John is definitely working on all these skills. And, once he’s confident in his swimming, he can help teach his kids how to swim!

Now, John can live true to his lyrics. Fans are excited to finally see John with his head underwater.

Here’s hoping Chrissy posts more videos of his progress and gets to work on her own! Swimming is just one of many fun bonding experiences the family will now have available to them, and it’s a win for everyone.