Man Films Wife Taking Pregnancy Test And Creates Time-Lapse All The Way Up To The Delivery Room

by Mauricio Castillo
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A dad made an amazing, heartfelt, and raw time-lapse video of his wife’s pregnancy.

John Cirillo and his wife decided to document her pregnancy from the day they found out about the bun in the oven to the day they welcomed their baby boy into their family.

The video you’re about to watch is adorable and heartwarming. It also shows the more serious and difficult parts of pregnancy.

It starts out with John and his wife checking on a pair of pregnancy tests. It’s when they learn they’re expecting. They then go to the doctor where it’s confirmed: There’s a baby on the way!

The time-lapse video shows his wife’s growing belly through the months, with John filming as she shows off her bump.

The video moves onto their gender reveal party, where the bursting of a black balloon unleashes a bunch of blue ones!

You can even see seasons change as John’s wife’s belly grows until it’s finally time for them to meet their baby. It all starts when the mom-to-be tells him she’s starting to feel contractions.

This is when the video takes a more serious tone. John’s wife lies in a hospital bed trying to push through the pain before their baby is born.

Thankfully, baby Cassius arrives shortly after!

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