Joe DiMaggio Had Red Roses Delivered To Ex-Wife Marilyn Monroe’s Grave Every Week For 20 Years

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Marilyn Monroe was one of the most iconic actresses of all time. She was a mid-century sex symbol and was responsible for the idea of the “blonde bombshell” that still exists in the American film and television industry.

As one of the biggest stars in show business, Marilyn had all eyes on her, no matter what she did. When she began a relationship with Yankees player Joe DiMaggio, the press couldn’t get enough of it.

On January 14, 1954, Marilyn and Joe tied the knot at City Hall. Just months later, the two started having marital problems, and only nine months after their wedding, Marilyn filed for divorce on grounds of mental cruelty.

Despite their divorce, Marilyn and Joe stayed in touch, and when Marilyn and her third husband, Arthur Miller, got a divorce, Joe came back into her life.

It’s reported that just days before Marilyn’s death, Joe wanted to ask Marilyn to remarry him.

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joe dimaggio

Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe may have had a rocky relationship, but they never stopped caring about one another.

Even though Marilyn reportedly didn’t want to meet Joe at first, they quickly fell in love.

joe marilyn wedding

Their relationship was the subject of public scrutiny, but when they eloped in 1954, it was definitely a joyous occasion.

Despite their feelings for one another, the couple did not live well together — they had very different lifestyles and habits, and constantly argued.

marilyn dress

When Marilyn filmed her iconic subway grate scene for The Seven Year Itch, Joe was less than happy.

Men from all over had come to catch a peek at his movie star wife, and he didn’t like having her on display like that.

joe and marilyn

People close to the couple claimed the marriage was riddled with emotional and physical abuse, and in October of 1954, Marilyn filed for divorce on the grounds of mental cruelty.

Even after they broke up, Joe still loved Marilyn.

young marilyn

It’s reported that Joe never stopped trying to win Marilyn back, and after her marriage to Arthur Miller started crumbling, the two reconnected.

They claimed they were “just friends,” but nobody truly believed it.

marilyn monroe

When Marilyn passed away, Joe was the one who claimed her body and arranged for her funeral, which he made sure was a private affair.

The New York Times reports that he also sent red roses to her crypt three times a week for the 20 years after she passed away.

marilyn monroe grave

That’s why the red roses, which were Marilyn’s favorite, were always present at her resting place.

It’s clear from this small act that Joe truly never stopped loving Marilyn, who was taken from the world too soon.

marilyn grave

If that wasn’t enough evidence that his love was forever, he also thought about her until the day he died.

ABC News reports that Joe DiMaggio’s final words were, “I’ll finally get to see Marilyn.”

marilyn crypt

Although most people know the basics about Marilyn’s relationship with the famous baseball player, many don’t know the intricacies.

The red roses Joe sent are a small, but meaningful detail. The ritual reveals so much about their bond.

red roses

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