Meghan McCain Breaks Down Talking To Joe Biden About Cancer So He Stops Interview To Comfort Her

by Caralynn Lippo
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A moment between Meghan McCain and Joe Biden on The View is simultaneously breaking people’s hearts and warming them all over the world.

The former vice president stopped by the talk show on December 13, 2017, where he discussed his memoir. The book, called Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship and Purpose, deals with the terminal illness and eventual death of his son, Beau Biden. Beau lost his battle with brain cancer at only 46 years old in May 2015.

Meghan’s dad is US Senator and former Republican presidential nominee John McCain. Earlier this year, Senator McCain was diagnosed with the same type of very aggressive brain tumor that Beau had: a glioblastoma.

The prognosis for this type of cancer is very grim. Understandably, Meghan and the rest of the McCain family have been struggling with this news. While attempting to discuss Joe’s book with him, Meghan broke down in tears. That’s when something truly incredible happened.

Joe got up from his chair and moved to a seat closer to Meghan as she tried to hold back her tears and dabbed at her eyes, all while insisting that “it’s not about me, it’s about everyone with cancer.” But Joe took her hand in his and comforted her, reassuring her that there were continuous medical breakthroughs that would allow Senator McCain the best chance possible.

Most importantly, he reminded Meghan of the connection between their two families, the courage Senator McCain had given Beau, and what his journey with Beau had taught him.

He said:

One of the things that gave Beau courage — my word — was John. Your dad, you may remember, when you were a little kid, your dad took care of my Beau. Your dad […] became friends with Beau. And Beau talked about your dad’s courage, not about illness, but about his courage. […] There is hope. And if anybody can make it, your dad — her dad is one of my best friends. […] The thing that I found — and Beau insisted on, your dad is going to insist on — is you’ve got to maintain hope. There’s hope. You have to have hope.

Meghan later responded on Twitter, taking a moment to thank Joe. “There are no words I have to convey my immense gratitude to Joe Biden and his family — your strength, hope and fortitude are an inspiration to me and so many others daily. Thank you for your kindness today and sharing your story with us,” she tweeted.

Senator McCain also thanked Joe on Twitter. He was admitted to the hospital that same day as a result of “normal side effects of his ongoing cancer therapy,” according to CNN. “Senator McCain looks forward to returning to work as soon as possible,” the statement from his staff read.

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