Over 34 Million People Have Watched This Gut-Wrenching Body Image Video

by Emerald Pellot
Emerald is a writer, illustrator, and a Libra.

Jody Steel had always wanted one thing: the “perfect body.” For her, that meant a flat stomach, an hourglass figure, and thin, long legs. She spent countless days modifying her diet, countless hours at the gym, and a lifetime of looking in the mirror and never seeing what she wanted. I think many of us can relate to wanting to fit some idea that somebody else has about how we should look and never feeling quite good enough. For Jody, like it does for so many women and men, it takes love and acceptance to learn that we are just fine the way we are. It is no wonder that over 34 million people have watched this simple, yet powerful video. It visually illustrates the struggle between wanting to be happy and wanting to look “perfect.”

Here is Jody’s message:

“There have been times I’ve look in a mirror and wished for a perfect figure. No matter how much I went to the gym or how little I ate carbs and sugar, I still didn’t see what I imagined was perfect. Once I realized that naturally, I don’t have a Coke bottle figure, or long and thin legs, I began to let go of the pressures I’ve felt to fulfill an image that our society has deemed the pinnacle of beauty. I like to adventure and I love to try new foods — especially if they’re spicy.

So let go of your demons and learn to enjoy the things you love in life. You can be healthy and happy. I’ve had this idea for a long time and I’m glad I finally did it!”

Watch the powerful video below, and please SHARE this important message: the only idea of perfect that matters is your own!

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Body Image by Jody Steel - A Timelapse DrawingMusic by Kylaido

Posted by Jody Steel on Tuesday, March 8, 2016