He Sits His Wife Down With Their Adopted Son, Then Reads Her This Letter For Mother’s Day

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When it came to starting their family, Michael Cottone and his wife Brigit took a different path than the one they’d originally expected. But when adoption finally brought their son Vincent into their lives, they knew that their long road to parenthood had been worth every step.

Since that day in December 2015, Michael has watched in admiration as Brigit effortlessly stepped into her new role as a mother, going above and beyond for their son. She’s even taught this new dad a few tricks — like how to put together a sippy cup in record time!

So for Mother’s Day this year, Michael wanted to give Brigit an extra-special present.

In an open letter, Michael expresses his love and gratitude to Brigit; not only for the huge amount of work she does for their family, but also for how lucky he feels to have experienced this life-changing journey with her by his side.

“From the day I first met you, I saw what an incredibly special person you are,” Michael says. “But when Vin came into our lives, I saw an entirely new side to you. You are infinitely selfless. You are tirelessly patient. You are an inspiration to me each and every day.”

Watch the video below to hear the Jockey #ShowEm campaign star read his entire heartfelt letter and to see Brigit’s reaction, along with a collection of adorable moments from their lives as a young family.

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