Chip Gaines Is Obsessed With These New Cabbage Patch Doll Replicas Of Himself And Joanna

by Angela Andaloro

To say that Joanna and Chip Gaines are kind of a big deal is a gross understatement. The couple has worked together to build a business, a life, and a lifestyle that has captured the hearts of many.

In the last 15 years, the two have taken their Magnolia Market and turned it into a lifestyle brand, a publication, and more. That’s not to mention their successful five-season run of Fixer Upper, the possibility of their own cable network that’s still in talks, and their five beautiful children!

The down-to-earth couple is adored by so many that it’s no surprise that they get gifts from fans quite frequently to show their appreciation. One fan gift has seemed to take the cake, as far as Chip is concerned.

Chip and Joanna were gifted replicas of themselves in Cabbage Patch form. Anyone who grew up during the peak of Cabbage Patch madness in the early ’80s can tell you what an honor this is, and clearly Chip agrees.

It feels like Chip and Joanna Gaines have done it all in just 15 years.

They’ve turned Magnolia Market into a thriving business that brings people to their beloved Waco, Texas.

They have a beautiful relationship, and they are each other’s biggest fans and best support systems.

They’ve created a beautiful family filled with love and happiness. Their five children seem to have very fulfilling lives and care for each other deeply.

Their family seems to always be in the midst of a fun adventure.

It’s their fun-loving personalities that really seal the deal, though. Fans love how down-to-earth Chip and Joanna are.

Fans have found plenty of ways to pay homage to their favorite couple. One couple dressed their daughter and her best friend up as Chip and Joanna for Halloween.

There were even bobbleheads made of them! The faces aren’t quite right, but the outfits are perfect.

Some fans even travel to Waco to check out Magnolia Market for themselves.

Chip recently hopped on Twitter to share this photo of a gift he and Joanna received from a fan.  The two were turned into Cabbage Patch Kids!

A closer look shows both Chip and Joanna’s dolls in Magnolia T-shirts. Joanna’s look is completed by her army green jacket and casual jeans. Chip’s plaid shirt and construction boots give the doll his vibe for sure.

Fans, particularly ones who grew up in the height of the Cabbage Patch Kids craze, appreciated the awesome gift as much as he did.

One fan remarked that he’d love to see the whole Gaines family in Cabbage Patch form.

Some people were surprised to see Chip so excited about a toy, but it makes sense considering his overall playful nature.

He’s the kind of guy who doesn’t take himself too seriously and has fun with his life, and fans love him for it.