Oprah And Dr. Phil Convince Grieving Mom Not To Take Her Own Life While Taping Their Live Show

by Jess Butler
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On October 12, 1998, Jo Ann Compton appeared as a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show for an episode that would make history.

The grieving mother had lost one of her daughters. Her pride and joy was brutally murdered, and Jo Ann found it impossible to cope. It was as if her life stopped the moment her daughter died.

In the video below, posted on August 1, 2014, Dr. Phil asks Jo Ann what the loss of her daughter did to her.

With tears rolling down her cheek, Jo Ann replies: “It ended my life. I no longer wanted to do anything, don’t want to feel joy or happiness. I don’t want to smile. They destroyed me.”

Dr. Phil tells her, “Maybe the betrayal is focusing on the day of her death, rather than celebrating the event of her life.”

Jo Ann’s facial expression completely changes and she says, “I never thought of it that way. I really never thought of it that way.”

Just as the emotional conversation and the episode come to a close, Dr. Phil and Oprah realize that something has changed with Jo Ann. Then, the mourning mom confesses, “I thought that after I had made this goal, that now I could go home,” she sobs and struggled to get the words out, but adds, “I’m sorry, I was going to go home and take my life.”

Being onstage with Dr. Phil and Oprah that day helped Jo Ann decide not to make a deadly decision. With their help, she changed her perspective and learned to move on, celebrating her daughter’s life.

Check out the powerful conversation that changed Jo Ann’s life forever and see how she’s doing now in the video below. Finally, please SHARE if you’re glad this dedicated mother learned to heal!

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