Paralyzed Pit Bull Finally Finds His Forever Home

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The next story is one of hope, generosity, and unconditional love.

JJ was always a sweet puppy, who had the most beautiful and telling eyes. You could tell that he was a good dog simply by looking at him.

When he was not even a year-and-a-half, though, he suffered an accident that unfortunately left him paralyzed.

His owners took him to the Shirley Veterinary Hospital to see what they could do for JJ.

As much as they loved him, they just couldn’t afford the cost for all of his growing medical needs.

The staff at the hospital took one look at him and knew: They would bring JJ into their own care and help find him his forever home.

“I took one look at JJ’s eyes, and, you can tell by his face that he talks with his eyes, he had so much life in him, so we decided to have the owner transfer over JJ’s care to us,” said Dr. Dexter Archer, JJ’s veterinarian.

When the staff shared JJ’s photo on Desperate Dogs of Long Island, they hoped that someone would see how perfect JJ was, despite his disabilities, and take him home.

That person turned out to be Krystle Kincaid, a volunteer at SNARR Animal Rescue, who has dedicated her life to caring for dogs with special needs.

He was the perfect addition to her little furry family!

“I couldn’t imagine my life waking up without these dogs. They’re my everything… I’ve never wanted anything but to do this,” says Kincaid about her passion for saving animals who, like JJ, need it most.

To make things even better for JJ, AvoDerm Natural Pet Food supplied him and his new family with free bags of dog food and treats!

Kincaid hopes that JJ will one day walk again, but even if he never does, she vows to love him unconditionally… And it’s clear that JJ feels the same way toward his new mom!

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