Surprised Mom Catches Her Son’s Adorable Dance Moves When ‘Jitterbug’ Starts Playing In Kitchen

by Jess Butler
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An ordinary evening turned into a nostalgic night of dance for the Torres family.

“Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go,” often called “Jitterbug,” was a popular song by Wham! released in 1984.

When this throwback song came on in the Torres family’s home, little Pedro was more than ready for it. It was time to show off his dance moves in the kitchen.

The young boy surprisingly knew most of the words, if not all of them! The fact that he knew the song at all was enough to shock his mother, Krisette, prompting her to capture her son’s choreography on film.

He got to shuffling his feet, dancing his heart out to the old song. He started to whip his arms around with a smooth style as well.

Pedro’s entire dance is quite advanced for such a small child.

Pedro hopped around the kitchen, the beat of the song moving him from place to place. He danced like a little professional, knowing his mom was proudly watching and filming his adorable performance.

The kitchen was Pedro’s stage. Hopefully we will see him dancing up a storm on a real stage one day.

To see Pedro in action, check out the video below! His skills will surely keep you watching from beginning to end. Unless, of course, you start dancing yourself.

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