Jimmy Carter Opens Up About Secret To His 72-Year Marriage And Says Giving His Wife Space Is Key

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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There’s no doubt that former president Jimmy Carter, 93, has achieved a lot in his lifetime.

Of course, among the 39th US president’s biggest accomplishments is his 70-year marriage to wife Rosalynn Carter.

Creating a loving marriage that lasts that long and withstands all the stresses of a presidency is seriously impressive. In an interview with Oprah, President Carter spoke out about how and why he thinks his marriage has lasted so long.

First and foremost, President Carter says that Rosalynn was “the right person” for him. But even with the perfect person, you have to put in a little work to make your relationship as strong as Jimmy and Rosalynn’s.

Aside from knowing he’d married the right person, President Carter says he learned early on that he and his wife have to “give each other plenty of space” to make their marriage as happy as possible. He recognizes that Rosalynn is her own person with “her own ideas, her own ambitions, her own goals in life,” and that he needs to leave her space to grow. They let each other do their own thing, while encouraging and loving the other.

President Carter also says it’s important to make sure he and Rosalynn resolve their “inevitable and fairly frequent differences” before they go to bed at night. He credits reading the Bible with helping him do that.

President Carter also loves doing fun things with his wife, and says they’re always searching for new things to do together that they have never done before. They love skiing, fly fishing, and spending time with their families, including their 10 great-grandchildren.

Over 70 years is an impressive amount of time to be married, so I’m definitely willing to take President Carter’s advice!

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