Jimmy Fallon’s Daughters Adorably Fill In For ‘The Tonight Show’ Band ‘The Roots’

by Karen Belz
Karen Belz has written for sites such as Bustle, HelloGiggles, Romper, and So Yummy. She's the mom of a sassy toddler and drinks an alarming amount of Sugar-Free Red Bull in order to keep up with her.

Due to everything shutting down, talk show hosts have had to get a little creative when it comes to airing their programs.

These days, there’s no studio audience. Or a studio. And the “shows” appear on Instagram, and not a network channel. But it’s still quite entertaining and much needed to keep up our country’s overall morale.

Jimmy Fallon found an adorable way to win fans over. He took The Tonight Show online and had his two daughters, Winnie and Franny, serve as his band. (And yes, a cowbell is involved.) Typically, the job has been completed by The Roots, who have stuck with Jimmy for years.

But due to social distancing, Questlove and the band have been remaining safely at home.

While the Saturday Night Live alum often talks about his children on the show, especially when discussing parenting with other celebrities, it’s rare to actually see a glimpse of Winnie and Franny. It’s sweet to see the two of them interact in their own home. Jimmy also looks casual and comfortable, opting for a cardigan instead of his typical suit.

Both daughters were born using surrogates. Winnie was born back in 2013, and Franny followed just a year and a half afterward. Based on their performance in the video, it’s clear that Jimmy Fallon’s daughters are ready for stardom just like their father.

The video, from Entertainment Tonight, also shows Jimmy’s “monologue,” which he wrote with some help from his sister Gloria. His wife, Nancy Juvonen, was given the job of the camera operator. It’s pretty evident that Jimmy is really making the most out of this newfound time he has with his family.

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