Utility Worker Dives Straight Into Muddy Water To Fix A Broken Pipe

by Grace Eire
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Jimmie Cox of Granbury, TX, took a call to pick up a few extra overtime hours. He thought he’d just drive to the site, do the job, and drive away.

He never thought that simply doing his job would get him so much media attention.

In order to fix the broken water line before the situation expanded and got even worse, Cox did what he and his coworkers have to do more often than you’d think: He dove right down into the muddy water to fix the problem at the bottom of a deep puddle.

Andrea Adams, the woman who snapped the photo of the young worker in her front driveway, was just so taken aback by his level of dedication to his job.

When she shared it online, the image took off immediately.

The visual is just so jarring that it’s hard not to be impressed. Folks started wondering who the young man that belonged to those legs really was.

This is the image that everyone is going nuts for. Cox’s legs stay dry and disembodied as he holds his breath underneath the water. This image of Cox has come to represent the American “can-do” attitude that many say is gone in these modern times.

Cox says, however, that this is just another day on the job. He doesn’t necessarily see it as anything exceptional, just something that he and his coworkers have to do in order to get the job done.

Mike Rowe of the popular show Dirty Jobs even got in touch with the young man to commend him on his dedication to his work, offering to buy him a beer. Wrangler, the blue jean company, also got in touch with Cox after they saw their pants on those legs without a torso, and are going to give him a full year’s supply to carry him through the work year.

Cox is taken a back with the outpouring of appreciation for what he does. It’s all, understandably, very surreal to him, much like the image that’s given him this sudden fame.

The comments online are all extremely supportive of this young man’s efforts.

What a commendable young man! There’s nothing quite like a reminder that there are some dedicated, hard workers all across the country.

You can see the full story in the video below.

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