Creative Artist Uses Breast Milk And Other Human Materials To Make Gorgeous Keepsake Jewelry

by Olivia Jakiel
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If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then what does one consider breast milk jewelry to be?

Jeweler Sierra Perea, 25, has spent the last two years creating unique jewelry keepsakes for people using hair, cremated ashes, and other human and animal materials.

The White House, Tennessee, native’s trademark, though, is using breast milk to create jewelry for people who want to keep their loved ones (or strictly just their bodily excretions) close to them.

Sierra started making her unique keepsake jewelry in 2017. “I wanted to get my best friend a breast milk ring because I was so proud of how good she was doing breastfeeding her child,” Sierra explained to StoryTrender. “When I started researching, the cheapest thing I could find was $300 for the simplest sterling silver ring setting, so I decided to teach myself instead.”

Sierra was also breastfeeding at the time, so she experimented with her own breast milk while making jewelry, and that’s how her company, Mama Bear Milk, came about. Talk about using your resources!

“There’s not a material I can think of that I haven’t used, but I do get some requests that I haven’t thought of,” she continued. “Someone has asked me to use the lenses from a loved one’s eyeglasses by crushing them and creating a keepsake stone with it.”

However, there is one material where she draws the line.

“The only material I’d rather not use is blood,” she said.


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