Jessica Simpson Gets Mom-Shamed For Letting 7-Year-Old Daughter Get Her Hair Dyed

by Angela Andaloro

Jessica Simpson is now raising three kids under the age of 7. The mom of three has 7-year-old Maxwell “Maxi” Drew, 6-year-old Ace Knute, and 4-month-old Birdie Mae.

It isn’t an easy job, but Jessica’s got it under control. It certainly isn’t made easier by mommy shamers who critique your every move. Jessica is one of many celebrity moms whose decisions regarding her children are nitpicked by the public. Recently, mom shamers left rude, unsolicited comments after Jessica let Maxi experiment with hair color.

Jessica recently posted an adorable picture of Maxi sported some pink and purple dip-dyed ends to her naturally blonde hair.

The second photo on her post shows the little girl excitedly getting her hair done at the salon. “Inspired by The Descendants #901girl #MAXIDREW,” Jessica captioned the photo.

It’s a sweet moment that trolls took it upon themselves to infringe on. The comments are full of criticisms of Jessica for allowing Maxi to dye her hair — some people even going so far as to accuse her of helping her little girl “grow up too fast.”

Jessica Simpson may have a new baby at home, but she’s no stranger to being a mom. She and husband Eric Johnson have three children — 7-year-old Maxwell “Maxi” Drew, 6-year-old Ace Knute, and new addition 4-month-old Birdie Mae.

Of course, that doesn’t stop mommy shamers from thinking they know better than a woman raising three children under the age of 7. We saw an example of this when Ace was just 4 years old and Jessica posted a video of him in the pool with Eric. Ace had a cast on, which drew criticism from mommy shamers.

Now the mommy shamers are coming for Jessica again. This time, it’s over a photo she posted of daughter Maxi Drew. In the picture, the 7-year-old is sporting some pink and purple tips on her naturally blonde hair.

The second photo shows Maxi having her hair done and laughing with the hairdressers at Nine Zero One salon in West Hollywood. The little girl looks seriously excited about her new hairdo. “Inspired by The Descendants #901girl #MAXIDREW,” the proud mama captioned the picture.

The look was inspired by Disney’s Descendants series. Maxi modeled the look after Dove Cameron’s character, Mal, who has bright purple hair. While Maxi didn’t go for the full-purple mane, it’s a cute nod to her favorite character.

jessica simpson instagram comments maxi drew hair

Critics didn’t seem to think so. Many commenters slammed Jessica for allowing her little girl to color her hair. Some believed that it was a sign that the mom was OK with letting her daughter grow up “too fast.”

Jessica’s fans and many fellow moms have come to her defense as the issue has gotten more attention. Little girls are interested in emulating adults by trying different things, like playing with hair and makeup. A little experimentation at a parent’s discretion is certainly nothing to make a big deal of.

As others have pointed out, the look is very likely temporary. Since Jessica’s kids go to a private school where they wear uniforms, it’s likely they have rules and regulations for hairstyles. Can’t a girl just have a little late summer fun?

Jessica also caught some flack for Maxi’s hair a few Halloweens ago. She dressed up as Belle from Beauty and the Beast for Halloween in 2017, and people were furious thinking Jessica dyed her hair brown. She didn’t actually dye it, however, meaning all the fury was for nothing.

Maxi has also shown that she may be a little beauty icon in the making. Jessica talked about her little girl’s affinity for makeup in a 2018 sitdown with People. “I kind of just let her do her thing and express herself,” Jessica explained.

She also shared the product she’s most reluctant to let Maxi use. “We don’t always let her wear mascara, so of course that’s her favorite.” Maxi admitted she sometimes wears the beauty product behind her parents’ backs, adding, “I’m very sneaky.”

jessica simpson maxi drew

Of course, commenters took issue with the idea that a little girl would like to play around with makeup as well. Despite the number of women who remember playing with their mom’s makeup as kids, it’s apparently not OK for the children of those in the public eye.

Thankfully, Jessica doesn’t let these comments get to her. She’s confident in her and Eric’s ability and judgment as parents. They are also quite settled into their routine as parents of three, so the criticism isn’t exactly making or breaking them.

It’s awesome to see Jessica letting her daughter embrace her creativity with hair, makeup, and fashion. She’s got a girly girl on her hands, and she’s owning it. Maxi seems happy and healthy, and anything beyond that is none of anyone’s business.