Jessica Simpson Celebrates Easter By Sharing Very First Pictures Of 1-Month-Old Daughter Birdie

by Angela Andaloro

After a long and challenging pregnancy, Jessica Simpson welcomed a new baby on March 19, 2019. Birdie Mae Johnson joined her older siblings, 6-year-old Maxwell Drew and 5-year-old Ace Knute.

Jessica and husband Eric Johnson were over the moon about their new addition, who came just about a year after Jessica joked she was done having kids.

Jessica announced that she was expecting her third baby in an Instagram post last September. At the same time, Jessica revealed that she and Eric would be welcoming a girl. Jessica was very open about her pregnancy, from her super-chic baby shower to her swollen ankle woes.

Now that Birdie’s here, it’s interesting to look back at her journey.

Jessica’s little girl celebrated her first Easter this weekend. The proud mama shared some sweet photos of her family — and we got our first full pictures of baby Birdie. It’s lovely to see the Johnsons settling into their new life as a family of five.

In September, Jessica Simpson posted an adorable photo of her daughter, Maxwell, and son, Ace, with two balloons. Fans were shocked at what the next photo announced.

The photo showed the kids surrounded by pink balloons. Jessica and her family were announcing they would be adding another little girl to their family!

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Throughout her pregnancy, Jessica shared a lot of ups and downs. She rocked some amazing maternity fashion.

She also had a tough time. Swollen feet and hospitalization for bronchitis were just a few of her third-trimester woes.

Things got so rough that Jessica actually slept on a recliner to deal with acid reflux, since sleeping in a bed was no longer comfortable for her.

Thankfully, her family and friends were there with love and support along the way. Everyone close to Jessica was in attendance at her “Birdie’s Nest”-themed baby shower.

She also didn’t let her tough pregnancy keep her from spending a lot of fun quality time with the older kids. She did her best to keep up with Maxi and Ace the whole time.

The Johnson family welcomed Birdie Mae on March 19, 2019. The little girl weighed 10 lbs., 13 oz.

Jessica has already started sharing about her experiences with Birdie. She even caused a bit of controversy when she posted a photo of a full bottle of breast milk and called it a victory, as it made women who couldn’t pump feel attacked.

Along with the baby talk, Jessica shared a mom-milestone. She joked about “the resurfacing of cheekbones” in a selfie caption.

Fans hoping for a closer look at Birdie got their wish on Easter. Jessica posted a photo of the family celebrating the holiday.

Jessica also shared an individual picture of Birdie. Fans couldn’t help but comment on how cute her round little cheeks are!

Jessica also shared a sweet shot of Birdie with big sister Maxi. It’s clear that Maxi’s already taken to having a baby sister.

After years as a family of four, it’s nice to see the Johnsons all smiles with their new addition. We’re sure to see a lot more of the adorable Birdie in the years to come.