Woman Born Without Arms Learns To Overcome Every Obstacle And Becomes A Licensed Pilot

by Christian Cotroneo
Christian is a writer living in Toronto, Canada, who shares his home with his dog, Luna.

Jessica Cox makes beautiful music. But then again, it’s no surprise since her life has been nothing short of a symphony — one that she’s conducted without arms.

Born with a rare birth defect, Cox learned to play piano with her feet. And it didn’t take her long to master the art.

But her ambitions didn’t stop there.

“If you’re creative enough, you can always figure out a new way of doing something,” the 34-year-old from Arizona says in a video posted to YouTube.

So she found new ways to follow her dreams — and, ultimately soar beyond them.

In 2008, Cox became the first licensed pilot without arms.

She achieved another first when by earning a black belt from the American Taekwondo Association.

For Cox, it isn’t so much about being born without, but more like being born to a family who encouraged her to find strength from within.

Not every parent is so supportive of children with birth defects, but Cox’s parents never shed a tear for their daughter’s condition, instilling her instead with a powerful sense of life’s possibilities.

“It’s very easy to see ourselves as a victim,” she notes. “I could see myself as someone without arms. But I could also choose to see myself as the empowered one.”

“When it comes to overcoming obstacles, it’s pretty much a part of my everyday life.”

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