Mom Of 4 Can’t Pay Husband’s Medical Bills, Then She Receives A $12,000 Tip From Strangers

by Megan Wrappe
Megan is a writer from North Carolina who loves sports, sees way too many Broadway shows, and loves a good adventure! When she's not writing, you can find her curled up in bed with a Jane Austen book.

As a mom of four, Jessica Reboredo doesn’t have much time to herself. She takes care of her children, all under the age of 6.

She’s also taking care of her husband, Robert.

Robert, just 25 years old, was diagnosed with testicular cancer. It’s now spread to his lungs. With his condition, he can’t go home. Instead, he’s in a hospital in Los Angeles, a few hours away from his family.

Jessica, who works as a waitress in a Las Vegas Chili’s, goes down to see him every few days. But with money running short, it’s getting harder and harder to make the trip.

But what Jessica doesn’t know is her friend, Kim, noticed the hard times her family is going through and stepped up to help, and so did the Fox 5 Surprise Squad.

In the video below, members of the Surprise Squad hide in Jessica’s restaurant as her customers. She tells them what’s going on with her family and husband. They are all so deeply moved that as they leave, they tell her to keep the change from their meals.

And once Jessica sees the tips they left her, she can’t thank them enough.

One leaves her $200, another $300, then $500, and finally $1,000. As a customer pulls the bills from his wallet, Jessica can’t help but cry happy tears.

Then Monica Jackson from the Surprise Squad steps out and gives Jessica even more surprises, including a $10,000 check, a car to get to and from the hospital, and a place to stay while she’s with Robert.

“I had no idea, I thought it was just me and my family out there trying to do this,” Jessica says. “Trying to keep all our hopes and dreams alive and trying to bring Daddy back home. My biggest thing is keep your head high and keep smiling because as long as you keep smiling, you’ll make it through.”

GoFundMe page has been set up to support the family through Robert’s medical bills.

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