Cemetery Throws Away Every Toy Grieving Mom Leaves On Late Toddler’s Grave So She Fights Back

by Jess Butler
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Imagine going to visit a loved one at the cemetery and finding all of the decorations and tokens of affection you’d left on their grave completely missing. Now, imagine finding those toys and gifts in a dumpster, thrown away like trash.

Well, that was reality for many families when they came to visit their deceased children at St. Peter’s Catholic Cemetery in Poughkeepsie, New York. When they arrived, they saw their long-gone loved ones’ graves swept clean.

In the video below, posted on December 5, 2017, a mother named Christine Weiner says: “They took all my little angels that have been here for over 20 years! They’re only a couple of inches high. They took my heart!”

She lost her son, John, when he was just 2 1/2 years old. The mom only wanted a sweet way to remember and continue to connect with him.

The families affected were heartbroken, but the cemetery claimed that there were rules that needed to be followed, including, “No plastic flowers/vases, ornaments/decorations, or trinkets/statues.”

Luckily, there was still some hope.

A woman named Jessica Paterson was outraged and upset by the sight of the children’s toys in the dumpster, so she started posting photos of them online to help reunite the object with the families who placed them there.

In the video, she says: “It’s not that you have to be worried about vandalism from outsiders. The people in the cemetery are doing it.”

What do you think about this tricky situation?

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