Jessica Biel Confesses How Discharge Taught Her More About Her Body After Giving Birth

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Pregnancy and birth wreak havoc on a mother’s body. Sometimes, it takes months or years for a body to recover after a delivery — and actress Jessica Biel knows that just as well as anyone else.

Although we often think of celebrities as having perfect bodies that “bounce back” right away, Jessica revealed that she wasn’t quite sure how to handle her body properly after giving birth to Silas, her son with Justin Timberlake, in April 2015, according to People.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Jessica was attending the 2018 MAKERS Conference in Los Angeles when she opened up about her experiences after giving birth. When asked what shocked her most about motherhood, Jessica answered candidly.

The actress admitted that she thinks “no one tells you what happens” after you actually have your baby and take them home. Instead, she felt unprepared and in the dark when it came to keeping herself — and Silas — healthy. Jessica says in the video below that she didn’t know how she should “eat to prepare my body to produce milk,” and also struggled with “this idea of, like, ‘I need to lose weight as fast as I possibly can, and be skinny again and look fabulous again.'”

Despite the pressure to “be skinny again” after having your baby, Jessica reveals that losing weight quickly is “the worst thing you can possibly do. You can’t produce to feed your baby.”

Jessica also revealed that she learned even more about her body after giving birth, especially when it comes to sex. In the video below, she discusses how learning about her discharge, or cervical fluid, helped her figure out when the best times to have sex are if she wants to avoid another pregnancy. Jessica said, “You can tell when you’re actually ovulating if you know what to look for — if you touch it, grab it… it’s amazing.”

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