Jessica Biel Embraced Her Gray Roots And Flaunted Them On the Golden Globes Red Carpet

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

There is such a huge amount of pressure on women to look young nowadays. This means covering up all the parts that make us seem older, like wrinkles and gray hair. But growing older is just another part of life! There is nothing wrong with letting our true selves shine, even if that means having to hit back at people who criticize us for it.

Celebrities spend so much time in the spotlight that they certainly have more expectations placed upon them to stay as beautiful and youthful as possible. But that’s not true!

Actress Jessica Biel’s fearlessness at this year’s Golden Globes is proof of that.

The gorgeous nominee walked the red carpet with husband Justin Timberlake, who was absolutely thrilled to be appearing next to someone as elegant and accomplished as her.

But many eagle-eyed viewers of the award ceremony noticed that Jessica didn’t bother covering up her gray roots! She embraced the look, her own silent way of fighting back against an industry that notoriously perpetuates the illusion of youth. There’s nothing wrong with showing your true age!

What do you think about Jessica Biel’s gray roots?

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Thumbnail Photo: Instagram / Jessica Biel // Instagram / Justin Timberlake

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