Couple Finds Jogger Collapsed In The Street And Keeps His Heart Beating Til Paramedics Arrive

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Jerry Fowle is an avid jogger. But in July, his hobby nearly killed him.

Jerry says he was about three miles into his jog when he felt like he “was going to pass out.” In fact, Jerry was about to have a heart attack.

It was nursing student Michelle Dostall and her fiancé, Peter Signorelli, who found Jerry lying in the road. Michelle had never administered CPR to a human before, but she knew she needed to do something to help the stranger.

Five minutes later, Sgt. Timmothy Hoffman arrived at the scene to help. This was a first for Timmothy, too — he had never had to use a defibrillator before. He remembers thinking, “I hope I remember how to hook this thing up.”

Thankfully, he did.

Michelle, Peter, and Timmothy all helped keep Jerry alive until the ambulance arrived and rushed him to the hospital. At the time, Jerry didn’t have his ID on him. He was taken to the hospital as a John Doe. It took hours for his worried wife, Beverly, to find him.

Thankfully, Jerry is doing much better now. He spent a few weeks in intensive care, but is now back home with Beverly and their new puppies. He says he loves walking and is “enjoying life.” All of that is thanks to the three strangers who happened upon Jerry in his time of need and rushed to save him.

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