Two Grandparents Build A Magical Treehouse For Their Grandkids

by Emerald Pellot
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There is no way to watch this video and not shout out: “Best grandparents ever!”

Jeri and Steve Wakefield always wanted to build a treehouse for their grandkids. However, there’s no way anyone could have imagined it would look like this.

Using found materials, antiques, and old trinkets from their past, they’ve created every little kid’s fantasy.

“This house was built entirely of repurposed materials. It’s all stuff that we’ve found and that we’ve found a new life for,” Grandma Jeri says. “I had this penchant for imagining and dreaming.”

If a treehouse mansion seems a little out of your reach, check out this mom’s simple kids’ treehouse for some inspiration!

The treehouse is rich in the family’s history with members contributing pieces but this wonderful couple isn’t hoarding all of the fun for their own tribe.

These grandparents opened up their treehouse mansion to all of the kids in the neighborhood. Yep, if you want a birthday party here, Jeri is more than happy to accommodate you!

Who doesn’t love seeing people spreading pure joy like this?

Watch the video to see how these grandparents have brightened the lives of so many children!

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