Groom Surprises His Bride With An Impromptu Song During Their Wedding

by Caroline Bayard
This writer is a New Yorker with wanderlust. She loves good food, music, the beach, and storytelling.

When it comes to planning your wedding day, it helps to try and leave nothing to surprise.

Of course, there are always a few surprises that are straight-up unavoidable, but when it’s something guaranteed to make the day extra special like in this next video, then it’s time to break all the rules!

Here at LittleThings, we’re big fans of awesome wedding videos. From amazing moments like a celebrity crashing the big day, to a wedding dance that no one saw coming (like this epic mother and son duo), the opportunities to go above and beyond are pretty endless. Even though you probably shouldn’t keep any secrets from your bride or groom to be, what happens in this next video is totally worth staying tight-lipped up until the big day.

We’ve seen grooms surprise their lovely fiancés with a special song before, but what the guy in this next video does is definitely a first.

In an email to LittleThings, newlywed Jenny wrote “A few weekends ago, I got married to the love of my life, Sean. We each wrote our vows. At the end of his vows, he surprised me with an original song that he wrote for the occasion.”

Jenny and Sean, who posted their video on YouTube, started taking improv classes early in their relationship, so Sean was able to tie this into his vows in the very best way. His bride never saw it coming! To read the lyrics to Sean’s song, all you need to do is scroll below the video.

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The first rule of improv, when things get out of hand:
You seize upon the moment, you grin and say, “Yes, and…”
You turn towards your partner, and follow where they lead,
‘Cause sometimes in life, a willing friend is all you need.

And there’s lots of rules of improv, and it’s hard to do them all.
“Show up” and “Pay Attention”, “Don’t Be Afraid to Fall”.
But if I see you hanging, I won’t even have to guess —
If you’re out on a limb, I’ll join you there and just say yes!

So if you say you like that painting,
I’ll say, “Yes, and let’s put it in our room.”
And if you ask, “Should we go out dancing?”
I’ll say, “Yes, and let’s go in costume!”
When you can, you say, “Yes, and…”
So if you say that you love me true,
I’ll say, “Yes, and yes, and yes, and I do, too.”

Our life might feel like improv as we play the hands we get.
Some days we’ll lift each other, some days we might forget.
But if we both stay mindful of our love that burns so bright,
Our hearts will say yes, and everything will be alright!

So if you’re sick and you need some Advil,
I’ll say, “Yes, and I’ll start the chicken soup.”
And if you find a favorite song and share it,
I’ll say, “Yes, and let’s put it on loop.”
When you can, you say, “Yes, and…”
So if you say that you love me true,
I’ll say, “Yes, and yes, and yes, and I do, too.”

So if you ask if I’ll stand beside you,
I’ll say, “Yes, and I’ll be there through and through.”
And if you ever need some reassurance,
I’ll say, “Yes, and I believe in you,”
‘Cause that’s the plan, to say, “Yes, and…”
So when they ask me to marry you…
I’ll say yes, and yes, and yes…
And yes, and yes, and yes…
And then, “I do.”