Jenny Mollen Reveals She Dropped Her 5-Year-Old Son On His Head, Fracturing His Skull

by Angela Andaloro

Being a parent isn’t easy. You do your best to be alert and attentive at all times, while also endlessly multitasking.

Parents spend a lot of time looking for answers, wondering what they could be doing better or differently.

The truth is, we all do the best we can with the circumstances we find ourselves in. It isn’t always pretty, and more often than not, it’s far from perfect. Actress Jenny Mollen is now speaking to that after revealing a terrible accident involving her son.

Jenny is married to actor Jason Biggs. The pair share two sons, 5-year-old Sid and 1-year-old Lazlo.

Jenny took to Instagram to share a story involving Sid. Jenny was very upfront about the fact that she dropped her son. He fell on his head, leading the little boy to fracture his skull. Sid spent some time in the ICU before returning home about a week after the accident.

Her transparency in telling the story opened up the conversation about all of the moments parents live through that they wish had gone differently.

Jenny Mollen and Jason Biggs have been married for 11 years. The two met on the set of My Best Friend’s Girl in 2007.

The couple lives in New York City with their two sons. Sid is 5, and Lazlo is 1.

Jenny recently took to Instagram to open up about a scary incident involving Sid. Her transparency and candidness talking about the incident are getting her a lot of praise from parents who are tired of people sharing only the “perfect” parts of life on social media.

Alongside an image of Jenny holding her son, she explained that she had dropped Sid on his head. As a result, his skull was fractured.

She bluntly wrote:

On Saturday evening, I dropped my son on his head causing him to fracture his skull and landing him in the ICU.”

Jenny began by thanking all the medical professionals who helped her family during the terrifying incident:

I am forever grateful to Lenox hill downtown and @nyphospital for their immediate response and aid. Thank you to all of the nurses, neurologists, pediatricians, residents, cafeteria staff and brave women that keep the visitor‘s bathrooms clean.

She also thanked her husband, who was by her side during the entire ordeal:

Not sure how this post turned into an Oscars acceptance speech… But @biggsjason Thank god for you! Thank god, thank god, thank god.”

She let everyone know that Sid is doing better:

It has been a traumatic week but Sid is home now taking things slowly and recovering nicely. He is also eating a lot of chocolate dipped ice cream cones and plans to try cherry dipped soon.”

Jenny spoke out about how parents deal with situations like these:

My heart goes out to all parents who have or will ever find themselves in this kind of position. You are not alone…

A lot of moms could sympathize with Jenny’s situation. Anything can happen in a split second when it comes to kids, and it’s hard not to blame yourself.

jenny mollen instagram comments

Moms appreciated Jenny being transparent. Even the best intentions can sometimes lead to a terrible accident.

jenny mollen instagram comments

Many parents hope that if parents in the spotlight share their horror stories, we’ll normalize the idea that sometimes parenting is messy, and bad things happen. Parenting on social media is so often reduced to a highlight reel of wins.

Some people felt surprised by the fact that Jenny’s situation garnered so much sympathy. They pointed out that had she not been an actress or a white woman, things could have gone very differently.

Thankfully, it seems Sid was in good enough spirits to celebrate Easter with his brother. She posted a sweet picture of the two in matching suits, blocking out their faces with emojis.

It’s hard for moms not to blame themselves anytime anything happens with their kids. It’s so refreshing to see Jenny opening up the conversation and being honest in a way you don’t often see on social media.