Jennifer Lopez’s Bikini Selfie Inspires A Photo Challenge Celebrating Beautiful Mom Bodies

by Angela Andaloro

Jennifer Lopez’s bikini selfie is helping women celebrate their bodies. It’s no secret that the 50-year-old has one of the most impressive physiques out there.

A bikini selfie from the mother of twin 12-year-olds can spark insecurity for even the most physically fit woman.

The moms of the internet have decided to see things in a more positive light, however. Instead of gazing at her chiseled abs with envy, they are here to remind us that all moms have beautiful bodies that should be celebrated. The idea began with health and fitness instructor Maria Kang. Maria is challenging other moms around the world to see Jennifer’s body as inspiration.

It is a reminder that anything is possible, at any age.

With that thought, the #JLoChallenge was born. Moms all over the internet are sharing selfies praising the bodies that made them mommies. The commitment to body positivity by moms of all ages is truly an inspiration. These bodies have been through the wringer and still allow these moms to love and enjoy their children day after day.

Jennifer Lopez’s stunning looks and endless energy are inspirational. The 50-year-old mom of 12-year-old twins rocked the stage at Super Bowl LIV alongside fellow mom Shakira. The two ladies sparked controversy from critics who believed their dancing was too much for prime time TV.

Jennifer generated some more conversation about her awesome body with a recent Instagram post. On February 16, Jennifer shared a mirror selfie wearing a white bikini. “Relaxed and recharged 🤍,” she wrote, weeks after her big game performance. The photo got a cool 8 million likes.

Maria Kang was inspired. The 39-year-old founder of No Excuse Mom and creator of the Belly Ball took to Instagram with her own white bikini selfie. “This is (almost) 40!” she captioned the shot.

Thank you @jlo for inspiring this spontaneous pic in a white bikini this morning. Yes, my mirror is freckled with toothpaste (does your children only use your sink too?!), yes there are unpacked luggages on the ground, an iron, dog dryer and husband shaving somewhere in the background – but I”m getting it done!”

“Not a celebrity. Not getting millions to look great in a movie (hello, Hustlers! 🙂 Or dating a hot athlete (although my hubby is kinda cute!) BUT, it doesn’t matter,” she continued.

Own your story. Create your own accountability. Don’t make excuses for your inaction. If she can do it, if I can do it, if thousands of working moms who come in all sizes, shapes, and ages can do it – then YOU CAN DO IT!!!⁣

Maria then implored other women to do the same. “Post your #bathroomselfie and tag 3 friends who can bring it like #jlo,” she challenged. With that, the #JLoChallenge began social media’s latest craze, celebrating the bodies of all kinds of moms.

For some women, the challenge means celebrating the beauty of the female body. It’s a beauty that doesn’t fade but evolves as women go through life, motherhood, and more. Sexiness doesn’t disappear with age and children, and it’s something we need to remember more often.

For other moms, the #JLoChallenge is all about fitness. There’s no denying that Jennifer works hard to keep her abs rock hard. Moms in all phases of their fitness journey want to celebrate where they’ve come from and where they’re hoping to go.

For all these women, motherhood is an important part of body image. We can be hard on ourselves where fitness and beauty are concerned, but we forget everything the bodies we’re criticizing have done for us. Many moms were looking to celebrate their bodies as vessels of life.

Each mom’s story is touching and inspiring. “Thank you @jlo for inspiring this spontaneous pic this morning,” one mom shared. “Our lives doesn’t have to end when we become mothers, it adds to it. 🙌 We are moms, we’re capable of doing anything we set our minds to.”

Some critics feel like Jennifer’s body is unattainable and a product of celebrity. Moms are fighting back on her behalf, noting how grueling having twins can be on the body. She’s worked hard and come a long way to get the body she has today.

As if inspiring one viral challenge isn’t enough, Jennifer can also be credited for another. During her Super Bowl halftime performance, J.Lo asked fans to share their best attempts at her choreography from the show for songs “Que Calor,” “On the Floor,” and “Love Don’t Cost a Thing.” The #JLoTikTokChallenge got everyone dancing.

Jennifer has shared 15 of the thousands of videos that poured in. Performers of all ages were giving it 100% to match her killer dance moves. It’s hard to pick your favorites when there are so many impressive and hilarious performances to choose from.

J.Lo may not be aware of her latest social media challenge because she’s been busy being a mom. Jennifer’s twins, Max and Emme, turned 12 on February 22. She pulled double duty for celebrations.

Max and his friends played Nintendo Switch games and enjoyed a Super Smash Bros. themed cake. Emme and her friends had a relaxing spa day with swimming, face masks, and bubble tea.

Jennifer’s picture inspiring a social media challenge isn’t too surprising when you consider what an inspiration figure she generally is. Jennifer proves that with hard work, anything is possible. Some people may think she lives a life worlds apart from the average moms, but there’s a lot more in common for this hands-on mom than you might think.