Jewelry Experts Say Jennifer Lopez’s Huge Engagement Ring From Alex Rodriguez Is Worth Millions

by Kim Wong-Shing
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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez announced their engagement on Saturday. Fans are currently consumed by all things J-Rod (yes, that’s what we’re calling them now), but one of the hottest topics is that enormous ring.

Alex’s proposal was reportedly a total surprise, sources told People.

“It was very much a surprise for Jennifer,” the source said. “It was just how Alex wanted it.”

He proposed with an over-the-top emerald-cut diamond engagement ring on a simple band. J.Lo and A-Rod both posted a close-up of the ring with their announcements on social media.

This is not J.Lo’s first engagement ring, as this will be her fifth engagement— and fourth marriage — so far. So it makes sense that Alex would want to go big or go home.

The couple hasn’t announced any specific details about the ring, like how many carats the diamond is. But jewelry experts say that the ring is worth from $1 million to $5 million. More details on the ring’s specs below!

Last Saturday, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez announced their engagement to the world. Cue fireworks and champagne — this couple seems perfectly matched to each other. They even both have cute name abbreviations!

Both J.Lo and A-Rod announced the engagement on social media with a photo of the emerald-cut diamond engagement ring on Jennifer’s hand. It’s a pretty huge rock — no surprise there.

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The couple has not made any official announcement about how many carats the diamond is, or how much it’s worth. Nonetheless, jewelry experts have been making estimates, and this is one impressive diamond.

Estimates of the diamond’s value range from $1 million to upward of $5 million.

The president of SuperJeweler.com, Andrew Fox, told People that the ring is “one of the most fabulous celebrity engagement rings I’ve ever seen.”

“It’s totally overstated,” Andrew said.

Andrew estimates that the diamond is between 11 and 15 carats, and he values it between $1 and $1.9 million.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Rare Carat, Ajay Anand, gave People a different estimate. He believes that the ring is worth much more.

“Our team of gemologists and diamond PhD’s estimate the emerald-cut diamond is 20 carats and worth around $4.5 million,” Ajay explained. “This estimate is if the stone is D-Flawless [a very rare, colorful gem]. Since it’s A-Rod, it very well could be!”

Alicia Davis, the vice president of merchandise at Shane Co., said the diamond is “expected to be exceptional” and appears to be 15 carats.

“The emerald-cut ring is widely known as the most elegant and classic cut of diamond,” Alicia said. “Jennifer’s is featured on a classic solitaire band which perfectly showcases its timeless, elongated cut.”

Alicia values the diamond at upward of $5 million.

Stephanie Gottlieb, an Instagram-famous jewelry designer, agreed with the first estimate of $1 million.

She explained: “A natural diamond of that size and quality is incredibly rare, and of course pricey. I’d say $1M is a safe estimate.”

She guesses that the diamond is anywhere from 12 to 15 carats, set on a tapered platinum band.

Though the jewelry experts disagree on the specifics of the diamond ring, they all agree on one thing: It’s a dazzler.

Alex’s proposal to Jennifer was a complete surprise, sources told People.

One source said, “Jennifer is ecstatic and so are their family and friends. Very few people knew Alex planned on proposing.”

The engagement took place during the couple’s romantic vacation to the Bahamas. They just celebrated their two-year anniversary in February with a series of super-sweet Instagram tributes to each other.

Now that the engagement is public news, fans are busy speculating about when and where the wedding will take place, as well as which stars will be on the guest list. Also, the couple officially has a combined couple nickname: J-Rod!

Both J.Lo and A-Rod have children from previous marriages. Jennifer has twins with ex-husband Marc Anthony: 11-year-old Max and Emme. Alex has two daughters with ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis: Ella, 10, and Natasha, 14.

Their kids have always been a big part of their relationship, and sources say the children will “definitely” play a huge role in their wedding ceremony.

As for the guest list, Ellen DeGeneres jokingly offered to be J.Lo’s maid of honor. She is, after all, the person who urged Alex to propose, bringing out a literal ticking clock on the show! Apparently, it worked.