Jennifer Lawrence’s Tiny Dog Ran On Set During Filming To Protect Her During A Knife Fight Scene

by Kat Manos
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Jennifer Lawrence, like many of us, is a self-proclaimed “crazy dog owner“!

The young actress is inseparable from her little Jack Russell terrier mix Pippi, or as Jennifer calls her, “Pippi Lawrence Stocking.”

Because she loves her dog so much, Jennifer has no problem taking Pippi to industry events and to the sets of her own movies.

Jennifer recently told Entertainment Tonight that Pippi made quite the scene on the set of one of her recent films, Red Sparrow.

The film involves Jennifer playing the role of a Russian ballerina-turned-spy, so it’s definitely an action-thriller that includes a few fight scenes!

Jennifer explained that things got a bit heated one day, and little Pippi couldn’t help but intervene!

“We were doing like a knife fight in the kitchen and I went, ‘Ah!’ and fell down to the ground,” Jennifer explained, miming the act of getting hurt. “And little seven-pound Pippi goes ‘Ruff!’ and like ran on set.”

I can’t even imagine what that scene must’ve looked like!

“She was going to sacrifice her life for her mom,” the actress said fondly.

Sounds like Pippi Lawrence Stocking is very brave and a sweet companion. Hopefully she didn’t disturb the movie too much! I know I wouldn’t mind having more animals in the workplace!

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Photos: Wikimedia Commons / Gage Skidmore; Facebook / Jennifer Lawrence

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