Mom Of 3 Thinks She’s Having Indigestion From Pizza Until ER Doctors Say It’s A Heart Attack

by Jess Butler
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Jennifer Rivera is a 37-year-old mother of three. When her body was experiencing mysterious pains, she had no idea they were actually symptoms of a heart attack.

According to KDVR Denver, Jennifer and her family went on a hiking trip together and she quickly mistook a serious symptom for some soreness.

In the video below, the mom explains, “I ended up having some right shoulder pain later on in the day and thought it was because I’d carried the backpack.”

The following day, Jennifer ate some pizza, but couldn’t keep her food down. She and her husband chalked it up to indigestion, but the next evening, they found out that Jennifer’s health was at risk.

Jennifer’s chest pain grew so bad, she and her family rushed to the ER. It was then that she found out she was having a heart attack, hidden by unexpected symptoms.

Apparently, symptoms in women can vary from the ones that men experience, and it’s important to know every single one in the event of an emergency.

These tidbits of knowledge may just save someone’s life one day!

Check out the video below to learn the top five symptoms of heart attacks in women, and please SHARE if you’re glad Jennifer caught this when she did!

Footage and photos provided by KDVR Denver

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