Jennifer Garner Can’t Stop Laughing At Herself While Narrating Video Of Her Roller Coaster Ride

by Angela Andaloro

Jennifer Garner is not a fan of roller coasters. That much is evident from a video the 47-year-old actress shared to Instagram.

Jen was filming a scene for her new film, Yes Day, with costar Jenna Ortega. The two braved Twisted Colossus at Six Flags Magic Mountain, which is no small feat. The roller coaster stands 121 feet tall, plunges riders down a 80-degree drop, and reaches max speeds of 57 mph.

Jen narrated the video to take us on the wild ride along with her. “This is me on a roller coaster called Twisted Colossus. I’m having a great time,” she joked. “I’m riding with Jenna Ortega, who’s a nervous wreck but I’m really comforting her.”

Jen continues to laugh through her explanation. “Behind us is Julian Lerner. They play my children in the film Yes Day, which we’re shooting here,” she notes. “As you can see, as I call her ‘Jenna’ over and over when her character’s name is Katie, I don’t really believe in being in character. I like to live in the moment.”

“As you can see, I’ve had dental work recently, and I’m really pleased with the results,” Jen snickers. “I don’t mind at all going upside down. Apparently I was pleased by that. As you see me saying ‘Oh my God,’ I’m not taking the Lord in vain. I’m beseeching the Lord.”

In the video, Jen’s mouth is agape. “I just saw the second hill is bigger than the first,” she jokes.

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