Jennifer Garner’s Meme Comparing The First And Last Days Of Summer Is Hysterically Relatable

by Angela Andaloro

Summer is winding down, and kids are heading back to school. If you’re a parent, this is a time of rejoicing.

Finally, your kids won’t be home being unsatisfied with their state of being 24/7. The old routine slips back into place, and days are just easier. You feel more accomplished as you check your kids’ homework and send them off to bed than you do when you’re screaming at them for the 38th time to turn Moana off and go to sleep. It’s just the way it is, and celebrities are no exception, as Jennifer Garner shared with us all.

Jennifer is one of the best celebrity moms on Instagram when it comes to relatable content.

The mom of three has had a rough summer, amid reports that former husband and co-parent Ben Affleck has been battling addiction. It’s good to see that Jennifer can help Ben with his struggles and parent their kids while still keeping her lightheartedness about her, as we see in her hilarious back-to-school posts.

Jennifer Garner is a mom of three. With Ben Affleck publicly dealing with personal issues related to substance abuse, it’s been a long summer for Jennifer and her kids. Finalization of their divorce is pending his release from rehab.

Jennifer is a fiercely protective mama bear. Although she posts about her life as a mom frequently, she doesn’t share pictures of her kids.

Children are extremely important to Jennifer, who is involved in a number of children’s charities in addition to being a mom.

Jennifer shares bits of optimism that help her with others, and sometimes that’s just the extra boost you need.

She also shows the realities of being a mom to her three kids: Violet, 12, Seraphina, 9, and Samuel, 6.

While we all know that parenting can be full of magical moments — like the picture above, which was found left in a book by Samuel — it can also be a major struggle.

Jennifer tries to make the best of it, including this “sneak away” with Violet to celebrate her going to middle school.

It was from this real place of relief that Jennifer was inspired to post this super-relatable meme to Instagram.

We’ll gladly take school activities, fundraisers, and all the stuff that will feel like a pain come winter in exchange for the hours of never-ending declarations of boredom that summer brings.

Some moms are so over it that they’re calling for an abolition of summer. Yikes!

Others who are teachers are looking forward to the upcoming school year with part excitement and part dread.

And then there are the many who are both parents and teachers and honestly don’t know how to feel.

Plenty of parents say the school year is just as draining for them, and this could be a before versus after of how their year goes.

Teachers laughed that Jennifer’s meme shows them at the beginning versus end of the school year.

We tip our hats to all the parents out there struggling through summer to get their kids back to school. Order will be restored before you know it!