Jennifer Garner’s ‘Cool Mom’ Antics Embarrass Her Son Samuel On His 7th Birthday

by Angela Andaloro

Jennifer Garner is definitely a cool mom. She won over the world as a hard-core super-agent on Alias.

Then she took the rom-com world by storm with everyone’s favorite, 13 Going on 30. She also seems to be a genuinely nice person — a reputation that many stars quickly lose in showbiz. Jennifer is perhaps at her most relatable when she’s sharing her adventures in parenting with her social media followers.

Jennifer recently celebrated the seventh birthday of her son Samuel. He’s the youngest of her three children with ex-husband Ben Affleck. During Samuel’s birthday party, Jennifer quickly learned that her little boy is not so little anymore.

Samuel’s party was based on the How to Train Your Dragon movie franchise. In the spirit of the theme, Jennifer dressed in full costume as one of the characters from the film, Astrid. In the caption of the photo she posted to Instagram of the outfit, she revealed that Samuel was not so thrilled with her getup.

Jennifer Garner may be known for her work as an actress, but there’s so much more to her. She has dedicated a lot of the work she does off-screen to children.

Jennifer is the cofounder of Once Upon a Farm. The food brand produces farm-to-table cold-pressed blends of fruits and veggies for children of all ages.

Jennifer also does a lot of work with children’s charities. A lot of her work is with Save the Children, but she also does charity work aimed at kids whenever tragedy hits and time allows.

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Above all else, Jennifer is the mom of three beautiful children. She co-parents 13-year-old Violet, 10-year-old Seraphina, and 7-year-old Samuel with ex-husband Ben Affleck.

From the glimpses we’ve gotten of Jennifer’s life as a mom, we can conclude two things. One is that she’s super relatable. No matter how big of a celebrity your mom is, she can apparently still be a bummer.

Still, she gives it her all. Who among us hasn’t looked this thrilled to be selling scout cookies at the crack of dawn on a weekend?

The other thing we can gather from what Jennifer shares from her adventures in parenting is that she likes to make things fun for her kids. She isn’t over the top with it, but she still lets her children know they’re part of everything she does.

Kids have a funny way of showing their appreciation, of course. Check out this note she received from Samuel.

She’s also a champ when she lets them take the reins. Check out this video from Jennifer’s “yes day” with her kids.

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Jennifer recently experienced one of those awkward, bittersweet moments of parenting that we all have to deal with at some point or another. It was while celebrating her son, Samuel, on his seventh birthday.

The little boy celebrated with a How to Train Your Dragon-themed party. Jennifer went all out, dressing up as one of the film’s characters when bringing out the birthday cake.

Judging by her caption, Samuel didn’t think it was particularly cool. She wrote, “Well, guess what. It turns out 7 is the age my kid stops thinking it’s cool when I dress up for the party. #youngestchild #firsteyeroll🙄 #anyoneneedanAstrid🤦🏻‍♀️🤣😬👵🏼.”

With her youngest growing up, Jennifer may feel a little down about his reaction. Still, Samuel does things to remind his mom how much he loves her.

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Jennifer has another parenting hurdle coming her way. In three years, she’ll be raising two teenage girls and a 10-year-old boy. She’s got her work cut out for her, but we have a feeling she’ll handle it like a boss.