Jenna Bush Hager Reunites With Her Parents George And Laura Bush After 8 Months Apart

by Angela Andaloro

Jenna Bush Hager has gotten the chance to reconnect with some of the people she missed the most. The Today host returned to Studio 1A for the first time since March.

She also got to reconnect with her parents, former President George W. Bush and former first lady Laura Bush, after eight months apart.

Both reunions were understandably emotional for Jenna. Jenna and Hoda Kotb have been hosting the show together since last April. Between additions to Hoda’s family and Jenna’s, the two women haven’t gotten much studio time together. They were hitting their stride when workplaces across the country shifted to working from home back in March.

As for her family, Jenna admits that her recent visit to her parents’ Texas ranch was special for many reasons. Not only has it been an unusually long time since she saw her parents last, but it’s also only the second time they met her nearly 1-year-old son, Hal.

Jenna Bush Hager has been reuniting with so many people close to her heart. On Monday, Jenna returned to Studio 1A to host Today with Hoda in person for the first time since March 11. The ladies were so happy to see each other, but they maintained a 6-foot distance throughout.

“It’s so good to be back even though we’re separated by six feet. It’s so good to see you,” Jenna gushed.

“You called when I was in the shower. You were my first wakeup call and I left my kids for the first time in four months, which I just can’t even believe because we were still working.”

Jenna also shared some words of inspiration for those who are scared about returning to their workplace. “But for all of those people that are watching right now that are working from home, you know there’s this relief too,” she explained.

“To go back to a place that you love. To be back with people that you can have conversations with other than just logistics. It feels empowering, and it also feels kind of weird.”

That wasn’t the only big reunion Jenna enjoyed recently. She also was able to bring her family to Texas to visit her parents, former President George W. Bush and former first lady Laura Bush, at their ranch. It was the first time they’d all seen each other in eight months.

“It felt so good, I got to have a little bit of time with my family last week,” she noted. “I got to see my parents for the first time in eight months.”

George and Laura were elated by the visit, which gave them more time with Jenna’s youngest, Hal.

“It was great. We got COVID tests to go and see them,” Jenna explained. She also revealed it was only the second time they’d ever spent with Hal in person.

“There they are holding their grandkids, and they’d only seen Hal maybe once.”

Her kids quickly grew accustomed to the Bush ranch schedule. “Mila is now waking up at 5 in the morning because she was there waking up, running down to be with her Grammy and Jefe,” Jenna shared.

“I just think even little moments of being with family (are special).”

There’s another big celebration on the horizon for the Bush-Hager family. Hal celebrates his first birthday on August 2. It’s been a whirlwind year for the family, and Jenna can’t believe how quickly it’s all gone by.

Jenna’s adjusting to the idea of her littlest one growing up.

“I can no longer use the excuse I just had a baby,” she joked.

“Which I say to people, ‘I just had a baby,’ and they’ll see the baby and they’re like, ‘He’s a toddler.'”

Jenna has spent the time at home doubling down on passing a family hobby onto her children. That hobby is reading. Jenna appears on the August cover of Parents, where she talks about how her family has always instilled a love of reading in the children.

“Our mom made sure my sister and I were surrounded with wonderful books from the time we were babies,” Jenna recalled in the interview.

“Sharing favorite books is one of the best parts of parenting.”