Judges Crack Up When Quirky Singer Strolls In. Moments Later, They’re Stunned By Her Raspy Voice

by Rebekka Spiller
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Jenn Blosil is a 23-year-old living in Brooklyn who decided it was time to finally audition for the show she’s been watching since fifth grade.

As Ryan Seacrest digs a little deeper into the Utah-bred contestant’s history, he learns that she’s been a fan of the show from the beginning. “Kelly Clarkson had won, and I’d practiced ‘A Moment Like This’ in my basement for I don’t even know how long,” she said. “And then it came time to perform at the talent show and I was supposed to go on stage, and I didn’t leave my seat. I couldn’t do it. It was horrible. I couldn’t get up there.”

But this time around, it seems like Blosil’s drifted away from her shy demeanor. “I would say the best way to describe me is that I’m… yeah, I would say I’m quirky,” she says, making a silly face. “And the more you get to know me, the more comfortable I get.”

Blosil stands confidently with her guitar in the small gray room just outside the audition space. Then the green light flashes to let her know it’s her moment. As she meanders up on stage, Keith Urban chuckles, “You look unsure if you’re in the right place.”

She does a tiny twirl and delicately gestures toward the door. “I walked out and then I saw the contestants on that side, so I was a little bit like, ‘Wait a second,'” she says.

When asked what she’s going to sing, she gestures dramatically at her guitar and says, “I’m going to sing ‘Radioactive’ by Imagine Dragons… on the piano, so this is misleading.”

“Are you actually going to play the piano?” Keith asks, surprised. As she nods, he encourages her to, “Jump on the piano, Jenn!”

“Jump on the piano, then,” she repeats dreamily to herself. The judges lean forward with uncertainty, though Jennifer Lopez shoots her an encouraging smile. Then Blosil starts playing, and they’re stunned. As her hands float over the keys, her raspy voice carries the raw authenticity of a modern folk singer.

Harry Connick Jr. can’t help but wear his surprise in the form of a broad grin, as she continues to soulfully belt out the notes, encapsulating each one in emotion. He then tells her, “You can’t help but have a first impression, and my first impression was just… I didn’t expect the voice to come out, and that’s a nice surprise. I liked what I heard.”

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