Jenelle Evans’ Custody Drama Continues As Her Husband And Ex-Fiancé Get In Wild Confrontation

by Angela Andaloro

Jenelle Evans continues to takes steps to regain custody of her three children. Sadly, it seems that the Teen Mom 2 star’s husband’s actions continue to work against them in this pursuit.

In case you’ve forgotten, this all started when Jenelle’s husband, David Eason, allegedly shot and killed the family dog, Nugget. The dog had snapped at the couple’s 2-year-old daughter, Ensley, although she was unharmed in the incident. This was one of many concerning outbursts from David and ultimately led to a Child Protective Services investigation of the couple.

The couple currently does not have custody of any of Jenelle’s children. Ensley and 9-year-old Jace are temporarily residing with Jenelle’s mother, Barbara.

Four-year-old Kaiser is residing with father Nathan Griffith and Nathan’s mother. Jenelle and David were in court regarding custody recently when a confrontation between David and Nathan ensued. David accused Nathan of “hanging out with the paparazzi” after seeing Nathan conversing with a TMZ cameraman. The exchange escalated, leading Nathan to threaten to file a restraining order against the couple.

The last few months of Jenelle Evans’ life have changed everything for the reality star. It all started in late April, when Jenelle’s dog, Nugget, snapped at her 2-year-old daughter, Ensley.

As a result of the attack, Jenelle’s husband, David Eason, shot and killed the dog on the family’s North Carolina property. At the time, Ensley, 4-year-old Kaiser, and David’s 11-year-old daughter, Maryssa, were also at the home.

The incident was the last straw for MTV, which decided to cut ties with Jenelle as a result. MTV had already ended its relationship with David following a series of homophobic tweets David posted that caused an uproar from fans of the show.

The incident with Nugget was not the first indication of violence from David. Due to how publicized the shooting was, several investigations by the local animal control and Child Protective Services ensued.

Initially, CPS ruled that 9-year-old Jace and Kaiser were no longer allowed to spend time at Jenelle and David’s home. Jenelle’s mother, Barbara, had custody of Jace, and Jenelle had visitation rights, but her visitation was revoked with the ruling. Jenelle shares custody of Kaiser with ex Nathan Griffith.

Later, Child Protective Services determined that Ensley was also at risk, and CPS staff removed the 2-year-old from the couple’s home.

Since all of this transpired, Jenelle and David have been in and out of court. They have failed to regain custody of their children, as many people have stepped forward to testify that they are concerned the children are unsafe with the couple, particularly with David.

Jenelle and David have enrolled in marital counseling and parenting classes to try to help their case. David has also agreed to undergo a psychiatric evaluation as part of dealing with his anger.

Another court appearance caused new problems to arise. After seeing Nathan conversing with TMZ photographers after the hearing, David drove over to Nathan to confront him.

The two exchanged words, with David taunting Nathan for “hanging out with the paparazzi.” The exchange grew more heated, and Nathan threatened to file a restraining order against David.

It wasn’t the first nasty encounter of the day. Jenelle and her mother also got into it when Barbara accused Jenelle of acting motherly toward Ensley only because cameras were rolling.

Cooler minds prevailed, though, and Nathan reached out to Jenelle to smooth things over following the confrontation. She wasn’t buying it, however.

TMZ reports that Jenelle believes Nathan is looking for more dirt against her and David. She believes he wants to keep Kaiser away from her.

It’s uncertain what it will take for Jenelle and David to regain custody of their children. Many of Jenelle’s fans hope that she will decide to split from David and focus on her kids instead.