Simon Thinks Magician Can’t Impress Him, Then Judges Are Confused When He Pulls Card Out Of Egg

by Ana Luisa Suarez
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The third round of “Judge Cuts” has begun on America’s Got Talent and the competition is fierce!

There are many dancers, singers, magicians, and comedians. Each contestant is trying to get that Golden Buzzer moment. But really, they all just hope to move on to the “Live Shows.”

I am a big fan of magicians. I can never understand how they do their tricks, and I’m in awe every time they pull off a stunt.

However, a seasoned judge like Simon Cowell is a bit harder to impress, which is why magician Jeki Yoo didn’t manage to make Simon a fan of his on his first audition.

But for his second shot, he gave it everything he had, which makes sense! He wanted to get a spot, and his wife was in the audience.

Jeki got on America’s Got Talent with an egg and a plan to impress the judges. He had Heidi Klum sign a card, and as you can see in the video below, he then somehow pulled the card out of the egg! Even Simon had to admit he was wrong about Jeki and was thoroughly impressed.

If you love magic tricks, you’ll enjoy this young magician who turned a bunch of cards into “snow.”

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