‘Survivor’ Host Jeff Probst Reveals That The Couples Who Met On The Show Have Now Had 60 Babies

by Sarah Bregel
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We’ve all heard about couples meeting on reality TV shows, especially since there are so many dating shows on these days.

But the much-loved show Survivor, which debuted in the year 2000, might take the cake when it comes to being responsible for happy marriages. Jeff Probst recently appeared on The Rachael Ray Show to discuss the latest season of Survivor, and he revealed that there are quite a few happy marriages and babies to go along with them. In fact, a whopping 60 Survivor babies have come out of the relationships formed on the show.

He also talked about how a couple competing in the current season met on a past season of the show and went on to have four children together.

“Amber played in our second season — 19½ years ago. She was single, beautiful, just out to try this,” he shared. “Then she comes back and plays again and meets this guy, ‘Boston Rob,’ and they fall in love on the show. Then they had four kids. And now they’re both back playing again together [in the new season]!”

It’s really incredible, not just that so many couples formed while filming Survivor, but that they have stayed together for the long haul and had so many babies! Perhaps it has something to do with going through tough times together on an intense reality TV show. They don’t call it Survivor for nothing.

For more on all the Survivor babies, check out the clip.

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