He Finds A Woman Frozen To Death Outside. But The Truth? I’m Floored…

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

19-year-old Jean Hilliard was driving home from a friend’s house when her car skidded on an icy road and careened into a ditch.

It was a remote location, but she knew someone who lived nearby and started walking to his house. The problem? It was winter, with 2 below zero temperatures, and she was walking against the frigid wind.

Cold and exhausted, Jean trudged two miles in the heavy snow before collapsing. For six hours, she lay unconscious in the snow.

Early the next morning, Wally Nelson left his house and spotted Jean’s frozen body. He assumed she was dead, and described her face as “ghost-like.”

He drove her to the hospital, but she was so frozen solid that there was no place to insert a thermometer. Her entire body was a stiff. The doctors referred to Jean as an ice sculpture.

Later that night, a miracle happened. Jean’s hands and arms began to thaw. By the third day, she was able to move her legs. The doctors were said they’d never seen a case where major amputation wasn’t required. They had assumed a double leg amputation was inevitable.

49 days later, Jean left the hospital without so much as a scar. I’m simply baffled by this miracle.

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