Happy Golden Retriever Loves When Mom Pets Him, But Jealous Sister Pushes Him Out Of The Way

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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They always say “two is better than one,” but they rarely say how much harder having two dogs can be.

Dog owner Nancy Schultz has two golden retrievers: 4-year-old Zoey and 5-year-old Jake.

Jake and Zoey get along well, but sometimes Zoey can get a little jealous of her big brother, especially when Nancy is giving him more attention than she’s giving her.

In the video below, Nancy is innocently filming as she cuddles with Jake and tells him how much she loves him,.

Zoey isn’t happy about Jake getting all the attention, so she makes sure to let her mama know.

Check out the video to see the hysterical and adorable way Zoey decides to get her mama’s attention. I also have two dogs and they always interrupt me like this when I’m spending more time with the other. It’s funny to see that other dogs do this as well!

Zoey may get jealous really easily, but I’m sure Nancy has plenty of love to give both her precious pooches!

You can also keep up with even more of Zoey and Jake’s adventures over on their Instagram page! These sweet dogs are busy enjoying the sunshine and beaches in their Southern California home.

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