Cops Release 911 Call That Details Jayme Closs’ Daring Escape After 88 Days In Captivity

by Amy Paige
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For the past decade, Amy Pullen has been working as a 911 dispatcher for the Douglas County Dispatch Center in Wisconsin.

But in January 2019, Amy took a call unlike anything she’d ever experienced before.

The call came from a woman named Kristin Kasinskas. Kristin told Amy there was a girl at her house and she was 100% certain it was Jayme Closs — the 13-year-old girl who’d been missing ever since her parents were found shot dead in their home on October 15.

Amy says it took her a couple seconds to process what she’d just heard. Jayme’s disappearance had rocked the state of Wisconsin, the case had become a national headline, and all public safety professionals were on an all-time high alert.

Despite her “full body sweat” and the sense of absolute urgency, this skilled 911 operator calmly obtained the necessary information from Kristin while remaining cool, calm, and collected.

Now the harrowing 30-minute 911 call has been released to the public, giving listeners the chance to hear details of Jayme’s unbelievably daring escape.

In the end, Jayme saved herself from 21-year-old Jacob Patterson, who has since confessed to killing her parents, kidnapping her, and holding her captive inside his home for 88 days.

“If it wasn’t for Jayme, that day would’ve never happened,” Amy told WCCO. “She did it on her own. We just guided her home.”

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