Man Shows Off 100-Sq-Ft Tiny House On ‘Oprah’ And 7 Years Later His Home Is 5 Times As Big

by Emerald Pellot
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Small-living expert Jay Shafer appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show to show off his tiny, 100-square-foot house.

He chose the minimalist lifestyle to save money and gain time.

“I’ve recently started calling them foreclosure-busters… no mortgage, low maintenance, and utility bills as low as $65 a year,” Jay said. “People thought I was crazy, but they stopped laughing when they saw how much money I saved.”

The tiny house was located on a small piece of land. While compact on the inside, its interior was also fitted with a ton of micro-amenities.

The home cost around $18,000.

But while it was great on his wallet, Jay felt it was also better for the environment. He believed most people have the tools to create a tiny home in their garage. It may take time, but in the long run it will ultimately be worth the investment.

Some may like a roomier lifestyle, but Jay felt he was well-suited for a smaller scale. He even took his tiny house on the road to show the public what it was really like.

However, when the famous talk show host approached Jay seven years later for an Oprah: Where Are They Nowspecial, things had changed a bit for the tiny house enthusiast. He was now married — and with two children.

His new house is five times the size of the one that made him famous. Nevertheless, 500 square feet isn’t exactly huge, either. Take a peek at the tiny upgrade Jay made to support his expanding family.

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