Jason Momoa And James Corden Spent A ‘Manly Day’ Together: ‘I Feel Deeply Inappropriate’

by Angela Andaloro

James Corden is certifiably hilarious. He changed the game with his “Carpool Karaoke” sessions on The Late Late Show With James Corden. He also has an awesome sense of humor.

He’s not afraid to poke fun at himself or his guests. He recently had arguably one of the best guests who could serve as his comedic foil, actor Jason Momoa.

The Aquaman star joined James for “Two Hours Off,” and the guys got down to some quality male bonding. Jason showed up on some seriously intimidating-looking motorcycles, ready to ride. “This is different to the hog I’ve got at home. Hog-wise,” James joked. To make sure James looked the part, Jason also brought a full leather outfit for the TV host.

While James didn’t get on the motorcycle, choosing to ride in a sidecar on Jason’s instead, the two still seemed to have a blast. The unlikely duo brought the funny in major ways throughout their man-date.

James Corden has to be one of the best hosts on late-night television. He completely changed the game by bringing the “Carpool Karaoke” segment to The Late Late Show With James Corden. He’s got one of the best, most down-to-earth personalities out there.

A recent guest matched James’ awesome sense of humor while also bringing some daredevilish antics to the table. James recently spent “Two Hours Off” with a buddy of his, the one and only Jason Momoa.

In the segment, Jason shows up to meet James with two Harley Davidsons in tow. “You ride, right?” Jason asks a clearly apprehensive James. It quickly becomes clear that James doesn’t know a whole lot about motorcycles.

Jason, of course, does. He spent two weeks this summer riding around the country and filming for Harley Davidson. Jason and his team rode from California to South Dakota and back in an epic adventure.

Being the experienced biker he is, Jason has brought some extra leather ensembles with him for James to wear. After a quick wardrobe change, Jason is impressed with what he sees. “You look awesome,” he tells James.

jason momoa james corden

“I feel deeply inappropriate,” James replies. When Jason sees some further apprehension about biking, he breaks out a motorcycle with a sidecar, and James is totally into it. He refers to himself as “Jason Momoa’s sidepiece.”

jason momoa james corden

The ride goes smoothly, although there are a few times where James tells Jason to slow down, which he does not. Shortly after, they arrive at an outdoor space where Jason has an activity prepared.

He brings James to shoot bows and arrows, and Jason tells James that wife Lisa Bonet got him into archery. “I’ve never felt like less of a man,” James jokes as Jason describes his hobbies of archery and tomahawk throwing. As they start shooting, it’s clear that James is having a little bit of trouble.

jason momoa

That’s when Jason proposes a little game of William Tell. James looks nervous as Jason talks about the “trust exercise.” Jason then walks back to the bows and ties a blindfold around his eyes. James, of course, objects.

james corden jason momoa

“I already think you’re amazing,” James pleads as Jason picks up a bow. Not exactly full of trust, James quickly swaps spots with a silicone torso and places the apple on its head while trying to convince a blindfolded Jason that it’s still him.

jason momoa james corden

Jason then shoots the arrow, and while it knocks the apple off the dummy’s head, it also pierces the very top of it. “Did I get it?” Jason asks before removing his blindfold. “What was that?” James cries out.

“Bro, I got the apple,” Jason says. James then steps behind the dummy to show how much taller than the dummy he is. If James had stayed standing in that spot, the arrow would have gone through the middle of his face.

jason momoa james corden

When Jason tells James, “It hurts that you didn’t trust me,” James scoffs. He points out that an arrow through the middle of his face would have hurt much more than the broken trust between bros.

jason momoa james corden

The two finish their manly outing with some whipping techniques that Jason learned on the set of his new web TV series, See. James picks it up pretty quickly and even gets a quick serenade from Jason, ending their two hours together on a high note.