Jarrid Wilson Explains Why He’s Dating Someone Even Though He’s Married

by Todd Briscoe
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Every marriage is different and has its own trials and tribulations. Certainly no one ever said it would be easy.

There’s no set way to have a successful marraige, but it’s helpful to look at other successful marriages for inspiration. For example, when I get married I will look to my parents who have been together for 30 years for guidance. I’ll even think about couples like Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks who have lasted several decades in Hollywood, or the couple that was married for 75 years and ended up dying within 24 hours of each other.

Many people look to blogger, pastor, and author Jarrid Wilson and his wife Juli for marriage advice on his website.

His articles tend to be inspiring, and he speaks of his wife fondly and encourages his readers to invest in their own marriages.

Last year Jarrid posted one article that quickly went viral because Jarrid admits to dating someone…even though he’s married to Juli.

Now, before you judge him, let him explain his side of the story, and then let us know what you think about it in the comments.

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Jarrid's blog post is titled "I'm Dating Someone Even Though I'm Married." It reads:

Jarrid's blog post is titled "I'm Dating Someone Even Though I'm Married."  It reads:

“I have a confession to make. I’m dating someone even though I’m married. 

She’s an incredible girl. She’s beautiful, smart, cunning, strong, and has an immensely strong faith in God. I love to take her out to dinner, movies, local shows, and always tell her how beautiful she is. I can’t remember the last time I was mad at her for longer than five minutes, and her smile always seems to brighten up my day no matter the circumstances.

Sometimes she will visit me at work unannounced, make me an incredible lunch, or even surprise me with something she personally baked. I can’t believe how lucky I am to be dating someone even though I am married. I encourage you to try it and see what it can do for your life.”

“Oh! Did I mention the woman I am dating is my wife? What did you expect?

I need to continue to date my wife even after I marry her. Pursuing my wife shouldn’t stop just because we both said, “I do.” Way too many times do I see relationships stop growing because people stop taking the initiative to pursue one another.”

“Dating is a time where you get to learn about someone in a special and unique way. Why would you want that to ever stop? It shouldn’t. Those butterflies you got on the first date shouldn’t stop just because the years have passed. Wake up each day and pursue your spouse as if you are still on your first few dates. You will see a drastic change for the better in your relationship.”

“When it comes to any relationship, communication and the action of constant pursuit is key. Nobody wants to be with someone who doesn’t want to pursue them whole-heartedly.

I encourage you to date your spouse, pursue them whole-heartedly, and understand that dating shouldn’t end just because you said, ‘I do.’ “

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