Janitor Works At Bank For 30 Years So Coworkers Surprise Him With Puppy After His Dog Dies

by Emerald Pellot
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For over three decades now, Floyd Green has been a custodial worker for a bank in Howard County, Texas.

Clearly, he has become a staple of the workplace and a friend to his coworkers — who gave him quite the surprise on his birthday.

Floyd’s Yorkie had recently died of old age. Afterward, the staff decided to pitch in and get him a new Yorkshire terrier puppy. In the clip below, they tell Floyd to look inside the box.

”What is it?” Floyd asks. The birthday man clearly has no idea what’s in store for him. He opens the box and quickly closes it in complete and utter shock.

Confused, Floyd asks who the puppy is for. The group of staff workers can be heard assuring Floyd the new dog is for him.

“It’s a she,” his colleague says. “She is yours.”

Floyd’s excitement is visible and palpable. He takes his new puppy, complete with a gift, out of the box and gently hold her in his hands.

”Really? Thank you!” he exclaims.

”Mr. Floyd Green has been working with our bank for over three decades,” the employee who filmed the surprise commented. ”Our prosperity crew found out that his Yorkie died of old age, so our staff decided to all pitch in and get him a new one for his birthday. He is a sweet man and is the reason we look forward to Tuesdays and Fridays (the days he works with us).”

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