Janet Jackson Broke Her Silence On ‘Nipplegate’ In First And Only Interview About Super Bowl

by June Rivers
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The Super Bowl is this weekend, and Justin Timberlake fans are just as excited for the halftime show as they are the actual game.

This, of course, is not the first time the famous pop singer has performed there… as I’m sure you already know.

Justin performed the halftime show as a solo artist alongside Janet Jackson in 2004. You know, the year he ripped off a piece of her costume and exposed Janet’s breast to the world, aka “Nipplegate.”

Janet seemed to be the more harshly scrutinized of the two, and yet she barely gave any interviews about the topic. Though she’s a fierce performer, she’s also known for being rather shy and reserved offstage.

That was, until two years later, in 2006, when Janet appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show to share her side of the story… and yes, she admitted to being super embarrassed by the wardrobe malfunction. But she also had a lot more to say about it.

In the video below, Janet finally addresses the Super Bowl incident seen ’round the world, which Oprah said was the “first and the last time that she ever talks about what happened that day.”

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