Radio Host Shows Off Her ‘Forehead Flap’ To Warn Others About The Dangers Of Too Much Sun

by Caralynn Lippo
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Janet is one-third of the most famous radio trio in Oklahoma City, spending years making people laugh as part of TJ, Janet & JRod on KJ103.

But Janet’s important health warning couldn’t be more serious.

The radio host is opening up about her diagnosis with skin cancer in late 2017 and the effects it’s had on her life and appearance. Janet explained to KFOR that she was diagnosed with a basal cell carcinoma on her face. She knew immediately that her case was due to overexposure to the sun, having spent years baking in tanning beds and not applying sunscreen.

“I like the feel of the sun. I do!” Janet says in the video below. “This is so wrong, [but] I like that feel of ‘Oh, I got a little too much sun today.’ It makes me happy!”

Doctors removed the cancerous mass from her nose in December 2017, leaving her with a sizable hole in her face. Her surgeons used the “forehead flap” method to heal the wound, an effective but rather visually disturbing surgical procedure.

“It’s a hard sell trying to convince people that this is the best way to go,” facial plastic surgeon Dr. Ivan Wayne explains. “I’m gonna split your forehead, then take a piece of skin and put it on your nose. But it works amazingly well.”

The 42-year-old refused to go into hiding throughout the weeks it’d take for her forehead flap to remedy the hole in her nose. She even went back to work while the vein was hanging off her face!

“During that process, that three weeks of every day having this vein,” she says, “it was very dark — very, very dark. I would go somewhere and think ‘People are looking at me like I’m a freak.'”

On December 26, 2017, Janet had a second surgery to remove the forehead flap. Now, the DJ’s face is almost completely back to normal — you can hardly tell she ever had a hole in her nose. Still, Janet decided to be up-front about her diagnosis and recovery process, to emphasize the importance of proper skincare in minimizing the risk of skin cancer.

“It does change your perspective on what you do and how you protect yourself,” she reveals. “What I have really tried to emphasize to my children is, ‘You better at least be putting on sunscreen anywhere you don’t want a vein hanging out on your face for three weeks.”

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