Woman Is Plagued By Mystery Cough For 10 Years Before Expert Doctor Says She Has ‘Silent Reflux’

by Jess Butler
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Ten years ago, Jane Beacham’s life changed forever. She suddenly went from a typical 62-year-old woman who loved to travel to someone plagued by a mystery illness.

She couldn’t stop coughing — no matter what she tried. When she went to the doctor to check everything out, she was diagnosed with asthma. However, something just didn’t sit right with Jane.

She had gone through seven or eight asthma inhalers, and nothing was working to help reduce her symptoms. She just kept coughing.

Finally, she decided to get a second opinion from gastroenterologist Dr. Jeffrie Kamean. She was desperate for answers and just wanted to live her life without a constant cough holding her back.

In the video below, posted on October 2, 2017, Dr. Jeffrie explains why Jane had gone a decade clearing her throat.

He says, “So the idea is that it’s at night. It’s real reflux, but it’s ‘silent’ because you’re sleeping.”

Basically, when Jane sleeps, the acid from her esophagus rises and reaches her throat. This was causing all the discomfort she’d experienced for 10 years.

Thankfully, Jane went on a “miracle” medication, and her cough stopped pretty much instantly. She’s considering getting surgery to permanently fix her problem as well.

Mystery solved!

Check out how Jane is doing today in the video below, and please SHARE if you think she’s enjoying her freedom now more than ever!

Right Thumbnail Photo: Flickr / GreenFlames09

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