Country Singer Mom Fights Back Against Online Mommy Shamers

by Jessica Rothhaar
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Since the rise in social media began, people have logged on to share their opinions on all sorts of topics.

From cooking ideas to decorating ideas to politics and weather, everyone seems to feel the need to voice their opinions on everything.

Some may even say social media is the cause of a lot of oversharing of opinions. One particularly touchy subject is parenting. Every parent raises his or her child differently, and now that the world is so closely linked on the internet, those differences are growing more and more apparent.

Some people disagree so deeply with other parents’ child-rearing tactics, they feel the need to publicly shame them online.

The prevalence of “mommy shaming” in today’s society is damaging and downright mean. If parenting is the hardest job in the world, why are some parents trying to make it harder for others to raise their children?

One country music star decided to put her foot down after experiencing some mommy shaming of her own.

Scroll through below to see this strong mom’s response to online bullies, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Jana Kramer, mom and country music star, posted this simple photo on her Instagram with the caption, “And it begins.”

Her 4-month-old daughter, Jolie, was taking the big step from formula feeding to actual baby food.

The overwhelmingly negative responses took her by surprise.

Many of her Instagram followers chastised her for not taking the time to steam vegetables herself and mash them up for the baby.

The transition from formula or breastfeeding your baby to feeding actual food is a big transition for both the parents and the baby.

To have strangers question her child-rearing techniques at such a delicate time seemed hurtful to Jana.

Jana responded to the negative posters with the following message on her Instagram:

“Dear Mommy Shamers, Unless you are Jolie’s doctor, her father, or her mom, do NOT tell me how to raise my child, or how to feed her. Sincerely, Jolie’s mom.”

She went on to explain that her decision to post photos of her daughter is a very personal one that she wanted to share with her fans.

She wanted her fan base to be a part of this exciting journey.

She went on to ask those who have negative comments about her parenting to keep the comments to themselves.

In an extremely candid op-ed featured on TIME‘s Motto blog, Jana made light of the naysayers.

Hmmm, maybe I should also farm the fruits and vegetables? I should wake early, tend to the garden, get on the tour bus, go to sound check, pick my produce, puree the food, freeze it and then feed Jolie, hit the stage — and do it all over again after only a few hours’ sleep,” she joked.

Despite the negativity, Jana continues to post photos of her beautiful little family for the world to see.

Her honest and candid response to the mommy shamers of the world will hopefully give people pause before posting unnecessary comments about anyone’s parenting choices.

Has anyone ever tried to give you unwanted advice on parenting?

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