Woman Pays Medical Bills For Friends Of A Kind Stranger Who Helped Her

by Roxy Garrity
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When Jamie-Lynne Knighten shared the story of a stranger who helped pay her grocery bill when she left her debit card at home and then died in a car accident the next day on her Facebook, she never expected to get so many responses.

“He’d be doing backflips. All of this friends say he would just be so thrilled to see the ripple effect of one thing that he did,” said Knighten.

To keep the spirit of her kind samaritan’s memory alive, she started a pay-it-forward page on Facebook called “Matthew’s Legacy,” but never imagined that it would go viral and stretch worldwide. Now the Facebook page has over 40,000 likes!

Matthew Jackson was a 28-year-old fitness trainer with many friends and family members who loved him.

Since LittleThings first reported the story, we’ve learned that also in the car during the crash that killed Matthew were two of his friends who survived. “He was actually taking one of them to get transmission fluid. It was another kind act on his part,” said Knighten.

Both 24-year-old Mark Caparelli and 22-year-old Nic Carlson were hospitalized for serious injuries. Knighten recently launched a GoFundMe Page to help these young men with their mounting medical bills.

Caparelli, who just got married, had to have his spleen removed and suffered from a fractured arm.

“We’re just trying to raise money for them because we found out that Matthew’s insurance was the bare minimum, so it’s not going to cover their medical bills. They’re already up to $150,000 apiece and continuously growing,” said Knighten.

Carlson suffered from a traumatic brain injury and is in rehab four days a week for seven hours a day.


Carlson also cares for his mom who has physical restrictions. Both young men worked with Jackson at LA Fitness.

Knighten told she just wants to help them and their families get through the holiday season. “It brings you into the moment of realizing what you can do to impact another person,” she added. She’s also teamed up with Matthew’s family to host two fund-raisers for shelters over the holidays in Matthew’s honor.

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